Hi there crafters and soon to be crafters 🙂

My name is Ciara and I’m from Dublin, Ireland.  I’ve been crafting for the last 5 years.  My addiction started off small and now I am a full blown craft addict.  I am constantly making new things and I must admit I get pulled from one type of craft to another very quickly because I just want to try everything all at once, I’m like a child in sweet shop! 🙂  

Crafts seems to be getting a bit bigger in Ireland but we’re just not quite there yet.  Of course we have our traditional crafts like knitting which tends to be taught from generation to generation.  It’s so Irish and I love it!  However as far as most other crafts go, 99% of the time it is American blogs and Youtube channels that my research comes from.  If you guys are already crafters you know there is nothing quite as annoying as hearing “I just picked this up at Micheals” (for you new crafters this is a huge craft store in America).  I’ve often screamed at my computer screen “STUPID MICHEALS, WHERE WILL I GET IT”, sometimes stronger language depending on my mood and if I think I can find it here! 🙂  Oh and yes I have emailed Micheals to see if they will deliver to our Emerald Isle, however I was told “not at this time”, sooo….you mean never.

This is the main reason for my blog, I wanted to share with fellow Irish and British and pretty much anyone who will listen to me crafts from our side of the pond.  I wanted to share my way of crafts and where to get certain stuff when you hear the dreaded “Micheals” comment or the “dollar store” (that’s always a good one too).  Trust me I have done some amount of searching for certain items in Dublin and sometimes they just don’t exist but that’s when a bit of online shopping is just what you need.

This blog will show a range of crafts from jewellery making to lampshade decorating to making glitter shoes and everything in-between.  Of course if you like the end product but you don’t quite have the time to make it, it can always be bought as I sell everything I make.

Don’t worry if you’re a newbie crafter, I will explain everything in extreme detail and with pictures so that nothing is left to wonder about.  However I do encourage questions and feedback on my posts, so I will always be there to help if you get stuck (hopefully not literally with glue).  Everyone can make something, it’s not always easy peasey but the feeling of finishing something and knowing that you made it, well I’m not going to tell you how that feels you’ll just have to stick around and find out 🙂

You can follow me on Facebook and Instragram.  I have many of my items for sale on Adverts too.

Lots of crafty love




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