Ronald McDonald Costume


I decided the first tutorial should really be on something Halloween considering it ’tis the season and all that!  I’ll have a few for you but we’re going to start with a Ronald McDonald Costume.  Myself and my boyfriend made this about 2 years ago and it is sooooo easy to make!  He was so convincing that he went into a McDonalds restaurant and pretended to be their boss! Maybe they didn’t actually believe he was the real Ronald McDonald but he got some free chicken nuggets for his efforts 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Yellow Hazmat Suit
  • 2 Red and White Stripe Tops
  • Red Knee High Socks (for men or bulky runners)  Normal plain red socks (for dolly shoes)
  • Face Paint
  • Red Wig
  • Scissors
  • Red Card Paper
  • Glue

Where you can get this stuff:

Yellow Hazmat Suit – My boyfriend got one of these from where he used to work.  With the popularity of Breaking Bad, yellow hazmat suits are hard to find cheap so an alternative is to get a white one and spray paint it yellow or if you know someone who could get one from work for you.  If you are heading out two nights and want two different costumes, you could buy the breaking bad costume wear that, then turn it into Ronald McDonald costume for the next night!

2 Red and White Stripe Tops – I picked these up in the ladies section in Penneys for about €4 each.  If the costume is for a man, make sure to get a good bit bigger size as it’s a woman’s top.
Red and White Stripe Top

Red Knee High Socks – Got these in Penneys as well.  These were about €3.  If you plan to wear this costume twice, best to get two pairs of these socks.  Also make sure you get a size or two bigger then your normal size so they fit over whatever shoes you choose to wear!
Red knee high socks

Face Paint – You can pick this up in most shops but the pop up Halloween shop on Liffey Street Upper is sure to have it.  Make sure to get decent face paint because you don’t want your face see through white, you want it white white!

Red Wig – You can pick this up in the halloween shop on Liffey Street Upper or most shops around halloween. Mr. Price might have it too.

Scissors, Red Card Paper & Glue – I’m guessing most of you have a scissors or maybe you just rip things open with your teeth?  I’m not judging!  The rest you can pick up in most shops.  If you’re finding it difficult to find (which you most likely won’t) Mr. Price will definitely have red card paper and glue.

Now for the fun bit, making the costume!

Step 1:  Try on the Hazmat suit on and make a mark about a 3-4 inches below your knee.  Take the hazmat suit off and cut up the legs of the suit to the mark.  If in doubt ALWAYS cut longer then you think, because you can cut it up more if needed but you can’t magic it back on if it’s cut too short.  Cut off the sleeves completely.  If the hazmat suit has a hood cut this off too but leave a little bit to turn down as a collar.

Step 2:  Cut the two arms off one of the red and white stripe tops.  These will go on your legs.

Step 3:  We used paint to draw the logo and everything else on but in hindsight I would suggest gluing paper instead.  The paint cracked and faded during the night but if you want to do it this way because in fairness it’s quicker and less effort you can.  I will explain both ways.  The way I would suggest for it to last longer is draw a McDonalds “M” inside a circle on red paper.  Use a large cup or a saucer to draw the circle.  If you have difficulty drawing the “M”, print it out and trace the outline of it.  Then cut out the circle and the “M”.  The “M” will be a bit more difficult to cut with a scissors as it’s in the middle of the circle.  An easier option is to use an xacto knive but make sure you cut it on heavy cardboard or a cutting mat so you don’t mark anything.  If you don’t have an xacto knive and you’re finding it too hard to get out that “M” with a scissor, you can always cut a single line from the outside of the circle into the outline of the “M”.  Then when you have the “M” cut out just tape up the slit you made in the circle.

Step 4:  Glue this red circle onto the hazmat suit on the chest part to the left side (left side when it’s on you, right side when you’re looking at it!).  If you need to, try the hazmat suit on and mark where you want the “M” logo. If you decide to paint, you need to draw the circle outline and the “M” and just colour in the circle leaving the M with the yellow background of the hazmat suit.  It may require two layers of paint, so let the first coat of paint dry completely.

Step 5:  Cut out two rectangles on the red paper about 1” x 5”,  These will be your “pockets”.  Please don’t try put stuff in them during the night, it won’t end well especially if it’s your phone.  Glue these onto the outfit as shown in the pic.  If you paint draw the rectangles with the same dimensions as above and fill with red paint.  Again 2 coats may be necessary.

Step 6:  Cut out two strips of red paper the length of the zip and glue this to each side of the zip and a small piece for under the zip to connect the two sides as shown in the picture.  If you’re using paint just draw a straight line down each side of the zip.  Measure out each side about 1 inch so that it’s even and the small part under the zip to connect the two sides.  Then paint 2 coats of red as shown in the picture below.

Your suit should now look like this.

Step 7:  Putting the costume together is easy.  Put on the red and white stripe top first that hasn’t been cut, then the hazmat suit.  Take the two cut out arms of the other stripe top and pull them up your legs.  If you find that they’re falling down put some kind of elastic band or tie some string around the top so they won’t fall down (but be careful not to cut off your circulation or you’ll find it’s not the drink that’s making you walk dodgy later in the night but lack of feeling in you’re legs!).  If you’re feeling very crafty you could always sew a bit of elastic to the top of these.  You can pick up elastic in Dealz. The top of these should be hidden under the hazmat suit.  You can wear long shorts under the suit to keep yourself warm – we all know too well how cold it can be halloween night.  Then put runners or flat shoes on and pull the red socks over your shoes.  If you wearing bulky runners and this costume is for a guy then the knee high socks need to be used.  If you are wearing little dolly shoes normal red socks will be fine.  Fold the socks back down under your foot so that the socks look like boots but don’t come all the way up your legs.

Step 8:  An optional feature of this costume is yellow gloves.  We didn’t get the yellow gloves because in my opinion that’s just asking to drop your drink!!  If you’re confident that you can handle your drink in gloves then by all means get the yellow gloves to complete the look.  You might find it difficult to find yellow gloves so you can get white gloves and get yellow material dye from Hickeys and just follow instructions.

Step 9:  The final touches are to paint your face white completely, put thin high eyebrows, paint the tip of your nose red and paint the Ronald McDonald lips!  Put the red wig on and you are Ronald McDonald for the night! You’ll be “lovin it”. Sorry I couldn’t resist 🙂

This is the finished costume without the face paint!  Such a quick and easy DIY costume that’s really impressive! People were taking photo’s all night of his costume!!  My boyfriend is a little photo shy, he doesn’t actually have a blurred face in real life! 🙂

Any questions just ask.  If you have any ideas to make this outfit better, please leave comments/feedback.

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Hope you enjoyed this post.  If you try this costume, post a picture to the Carm Crafts facebook page so I can see all the great costumes. There’ll be some more halloween posts on the way soon! 🙂

Lots of crafty love



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