Clown High Heels


Hey all,

About two years ago I wanted to dress up as a clown for Halloween and I bought my costume but it didn’t come with any shoe covers and I wanted my shoes to match!  It would have been so easy for me to go out in flats.  The one night a year where it’s acceptable everywhere to be in runners with the easy excuse that it’s part of your costume!!! As much as I love the relief of flat shoes, I just never feel very “va va voom” in flats on a night out.  So I decided I’ll just make my own clown shoes from a pair of very battered high heels that I probably should have gotten rid of a LONG time ago!!!  So if you’re like me and just dread the thoughts of going out in flats even on Halloween…keep reading 🙂

What you’ll need:

  • Old battered high heels
  • Glue Gun
  • Various bits of material and ribbon
  • Glitter sticker squares (optional)
  • Wool – I used multi colour wool but you would use any colour
  • Pom Poms if you choose not to use the wool (quicker option)
  • Scissors
  • Back combing brush (Yes you read correctly – I haven’t gone mad!!) / Wire Brush

Where you’ll get them:

Old battered high heels – Well as it clearly says you would have these already.  Make sure it’s not shoes you want to use again because they will be transformed into clown shoes!!  They can be in bitzzzzz and it doesn’t matter because they will be completely covered 🙂 Old shoes to spanky new shoes. What woman could resist??


Glue Gun – If you have read my previous post you will know you can get a cheap starter glue gun from Amazon for about €12 with about 50 glue sticks which is great value!

Glue gun

Various bits of material and ribbon – Ok so I just never throw out old clothes, I always think “oh no i’ll keep that because I’ll use it for something”…..I never use them for anything and then it goes into the donation bank after me keeping it for like a year in a bag taking up space…I am a nightmare to live with….oops!! In this instance though I was delighted I had a bag of stuff there!  Multi colour scarf, hi-vis vest, bright pink dress and a multi colour kimono were what I had and were perfect for this project.  You can use anything bright coloured or multi coloured!  So do that long overdue clearing out of the wardrobe.  Especially with it getting so cold now, let’s be honest you really don’t need that Penney’s kimono anymore 🙂  The ribbon you can pick up in Dealz.  The packs of ribbon aren’t long in length at all but one pack for €1.49 comes with a few different colours so it’s handy.

Glitter Sticker Squares – I got these in Hickeys.  I actually had it there already because I had picked it up previous to this project but never used it.  I think it was expensive enough for what it is but it’s handy for this project.  Maybe have a look in Mr. Price though to see if you can get it cheaper there.  Mr. Price wasn’t around when I had bought this (damn!).  I mainly used these bits for hard parts of the shoes that would have been more difficult to glue material to and to hide any mistakes (oops!).  So it is optional.

Wool – I got my wool in Hickeys.  I had knitted a scarf, gloves and hat for my niece but I had a few balls of wool left.  This wool was actually perfect for clown shoes.  It’s great when things seem to work out that way 🙂  I know Dealz does cheap wool with specks of sparkle in them which would work too! You wouldn’t need more than one ball of wool.


Pom Poms Mr. Price or Dealz will have these.

pom pom balls

Scissors – I usually would recommend getting a fabric scissor for cutting fabric but you don’t really need it for this project so a normal scissors will do.  Always remember not to use a fabric scissor for anything else but fabric as it blunts the blade and anyone who has a good fabric scissors knows they ain’t cheap!!

Back Combing Brush / Wire Brush You can pick up a back combing brush cheap in Penneys.  If you have one and it’s decent, I wouldn’t chance using it….just in case!  If you have a wire brush use that instead because it makes the job go much quicker!

Wire Brush backcombing-brush-336-p

Now to get started! 🙂

Step 1 – I started with the Pom Poms.  Take the wool and cut a string about 10 inches and put to one side.  Now take the wool and wrap it around your four fingers about 65 times leaving a tail hanging.  The more you wrap the thicker it will be.  Don’t wrap it super tight or you won’t be able to get it off your fingers!!  When you finished wrapping slide off your finger carefully, trying to keep the shape it’s in.   Take the string you had cut and tie around the middle of the bundle and double knot tight.  Hold it by the end strings of where you tied the knot and take a sharp scissors and cut the loops on each side.  Some of those lil buggers will hide underneath so make sure you get all of them loops!  Your pom pom will be uneven so give your pom pom a little haircut to even out the lengths 🙂  Take your wire brush or back combing brush and just brush your pom pom in short little movements until you’re like IT’S SO FLUFFFFFY!!!  Be patient so you really get it fluffy.  You’ll probably have to give it another little haircut after.  Then cut off the long strings from where you made the knot.  Make two of these, one for each shoe.  Hopefully the above will make more sense when combined with the picture instructions below:

wpid-20151018_211253.jpg wpid-20151018_211448.jpg wpid-20151018_211608.jpg wpid-20151018_211650.jpg wpid-20151018_211727.jpg wpid-20151018_211749.jpg wpid-20151018_212047.jpg wpid-20151018_212508.jpg wpid-20151018_213516.jpg

The quicker easier option and let’s be honest who doesn’t like a quicker easier option, is to use pom pom’s that you can get in Mr. Price or Dealz.  I wanted to make my own because I had the multi colour wool.  Also because I wanted a big pom pom on my shoe and the shop bought ones are smaller!

Step 2 – Plug in your glue gun.  Start to cut up your material into patches.  Planning is everything with this.  You need to decide where you want certain colours and how big you want certain parts covered.  For the heels I decided to wrap ribbon around it because it was just easier to secure ribbon around the heel then material.  So all we’re going to do is literally glue the edges of the bits of material onto the shoe with the glue gun.  Make sure the material is put on tightly, really stretch it on.  I had little stickers and sequins which I got from Dealz and I put a few of these on.  As with any crafts you do, you sometimes have to improvise!  I am no exception – some parts where two bits of material met, they didn’t meet up properly so what i did was covered the spot with a strand of ribbon, it hid it perfectly 🙂 You will need to glue parts of the material into the inside of the shoe just so you definitely have the rim of the shoe completely covered. You don’t need to be consistent at all with this project, I had the two shoes completely different.  What I did learn is not to use any material that’s sheer or see through-y (yeah that’s not a word) because you will see the black shoe underneath.  If you have a lovely material that’s see through and you really want to use it…well you can’t…awww no I joke.  What you can do is do a few layers of that material to the point that it’s no longer see through.  I would recommend layering it before you glue it to the shoe so you can be sure that it’s not going to take like a million layers!  Don’t forget to glue on your pom poms to the toe of the shoe when all the material is on! 🙂

Pictures below of the shoes from both sides.

1419345640310 1419345640665 1419345641291 1419345641556

If you have any questions just comment and I will get back to you.  Make sure to post photos of your clown shoes if you make it to the Carm Crafts Facebook page 🙂

Next tutorial will be the matching clown hat!! Make sure to like my Facebook page to keep up with all my tutorials 🙂

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Lots of crafty love




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