DIY Clown Hat


Hey again,

So continuing on from my last tutorial on the clown shoes, here is the matching clown hat!! Matchy matchy is the key to life or so I’ve heard. So there’s not going to be too much different from the last tutorial.  Same theory behind it and as you can see from the picture we get to make a fun pom pom again!! 🙂  Don’t ask me why but i find it kind of relaxing making those pom pom balls…yeah i’m a little strange! 🙂

What you’ll need:

  • Scraps of material and ribbon
  • A plain mini hat on a hairband
  • Sewing needle and thread OR Glue gun
  • Black marker (optional)
  • Wool or shop bought pom poms

Where you’ll get them:

Scraps of Material and Ribbon:
Old clothes will do for this.  If you made the clown shoes, you should have some cut up material left.  Bright colours or multi colour is best 🙂  Ribbon – you can pick up in Dealz.

Hat on a Hairband:
I picked mine up in Claire’s Accessories.  It wasn’t plain, but i just removed the decoration on it.  They’ll have a few different ones in Claire’s this time of year so pick the one that’s cheapest and that you can remove whatever decoration is on it so you’re working with a plain hat 🙂


Sewing Needle and Thread:
Most households have this but if you’re very undomesticated and you don’t have any you can pick some up in Dealz or Mr. Price for cheap!


Glue Gun:
You can pick this up on Amazon as mentioned in my previous tutorials.

Glue gun

Black marker (optional):
Any black marker will work so get a cheap pack from Dealz or get a Sharpie one from Easons (will be more expensive though but I love my Sharpies).

Wool or shop bought pom pom:
Wool – you can get this in Hickeys or cheaper version from Dealz.  You will not need more then one ball.  The pre-made pom poms can be gotten from Dealz or Mr. Price (clearly I spend too much time in these shops!)


pom pom balls

Right lets get started:

Step 1:  Like with the shoes we’re going to start with the pom pom.  So if you read my clown shoe tutorial, you’ll know how to make the pom pom.  If you didn’t…well why haven’t you??  Go read it now 🙂  If you’re matching this hat to the shoes you will want to be consistent.  So if you made the pom poms for your shoes then make the pom pom for the hat.  If you used shop bought pom poms for your shoes then use a shop bought pom pom for your hat! 🙂  Here’s the homemade pom pom:


Step 2:  Remove any decoration from the hat so that it’s completely bare.  It doesn’t matter what colour the hat is as long as it doesn’t have anything stuck to it (like tulle which is netting or badges etc.)


Step 3:  Cut out bits of material and decide where you want the bits placed on the hat.  I just winged this as I went but you can plan if winging makes you nervous.

Step 4:  You have two choices here….you can take the long way (I can hear the “ugggg effort” already, probably because I said the exact same thing) and sew the pieces on which will give it a more patchy look because the contrast thread will be visible. Be careful not to stab yourself with the needle when sewing.  I did this a few times…that’s not a red patch on the hat, that’s the blood I lost!! 🙂  You can take the easy way and glue the pieces on with the glue gun like how we did with the clown shoes.  You can then take your black marker and draw the thread marks to give the illusion that you took the long way and sewed all those pieces on (craft cheat!!) 🙂  If you don’t know how to sew, trust me you’re not alone.  I am not the best sewer so I will not insult you by trying to give instructions on how to sew.  Best thing to do is use the glue gun way if you can’t sew at all 🙂

Step 5:  Glue your pom pom on top of the hat and you’re done!!  Finished hat below


I loved making this and it matched my shoes perfectly! 🙂  I loved that it was on a hairband too so I didn’t have to put a hat over my hair 🙂  I put my hair up into two pigtail buns and did the ole clown makeup (diamond shape over my eye, little red nose, exaggerated blusher etc.)  Amazing costume!!

This was a short-ish tutorial because it’s quite similar to the clown shoes.  So if you missed that you can get it under Halloween Costumes category on my website 🙂

Make sure to post pics to Carm Crafts facebook page if you make this hat!  Any questions/feedback just post or message me and I’ll get back to you 🙂

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram – carm_crafts and like my Facebook page – link to the left there :).

Til next time… 🙂

Lots of crafty love




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