Masquerade Mask made from nothing but glue!!

2015-10-29 00.04.39


Are you with your costume? Well this is a quick and easy accessory to make that you can throw on with a dress and voila your a….”person in disguise”?  Is that a thing?  Well it is now! 🙂  The beauty of this is that you can make this to suit your preference and the size of your face and it’s made from glue!  How amazing is that!!?   Let’s get started…

What you’ll need:

  • A mat / cardboard
  • Template of a masquerade mask printed out
  • Cling film
  • Tulle or Organza
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Approx 4 Glue sticks
  • Scissors & Sellotape
  • Spray Paint – Any colour you want.  I used black.
  • Nail Polish – Optional
  • Ribbon

Where you’ll get them:

A Mat / Cardboard:
I used my cutting mat which I bought off  You can use a sheet of cardboard, it’s just to protect your table or whatever you’re working off.  I’m going to refer to this as a mat for the rest of the tutorial.

Template of a masquerade mask:
If you type into Google “masquerade mask” and hit images you will find loads.  Download one you like and re-size.  This may take one or two attempts but you will need to re-size this to fit your face!  You can pick any style you want.  One with less detail will be easier but plain, one with more detail will be more difficult and time consuming but a nicer result (in my opinion).  It’s all about your preference really.  You can pick a masquerade mask template where only one eye is covered,and one where both eyes are covered.  Anything you like!


Cling Film:
Kitchen cling film, nothing special.

Tulle or Organza:
You can pick up tulle in Hickeys.  I used organza which I had rolls of there already.  I had gotten them off Amazon for £4 for a 25 meter roll.  Well worth it! I have one roll in sky blue and one in pink.  I used the blue one for this because it was more transparent then the pink so I guessed easier to change colour.  I’m going to refer to this as organza for the rest of the tutorial.

Hot Glue Gun:
As per my previous tutorials, I got my glue gun from Amazon.  You can pick one up for about £12 – £15 and comes with a heap load of glue sticks.  Handy!


Spray Paint:
I had never used spray paint before.  I did this project twice.  The first time I just used acrylic paint and painted it on because I thought spray paint would be really expensive.  How wrong was I!!  I went to the Art & Hobby shop and asked and they had a bottle for €5.75.  Boom!  Soooo much easier with spray paint!! I’ll explain why further down 🙂

Nail Polish:
I prefer a glittery nail polish for this so you get that “sparkle sparkle” shimmer off the mask.  You can pick up nail polish really cheap in Penneys! 🙂  However you don’t have to use nail polish so if you prefer to just have your mask one colour then you don’t need to get any.

2015-10-29 00.05.20

I got a heap load of ribbon from Aliexpress.  It can take up to 2 months for delivery but it’s so freaking cheap and when I got mine I wasn’t in a rush for it so it was okay.  You can pick up any colour ribbon in Hickeys though.


Right lets get gluing 🙂

Step One:
Take your mat and place on a flat surface.  Place your masquerade mask template and sellotape down onto the mat.  Cut out a piece of cling film to cover the size of your template and sellotape down over your template.  Now cut a piece of your organza to a size to cover your template and sellotape over the cling film.  You should now have your template covered by cling film which is covered by organza.



Step Two:
Plug in your glue gun and let it eat up on the lower heat setting (if you have two settings).  I picked the lower heat because I didn’t want the glue too stringy! Make sure you have spare glue sticks out and ready because you will use about 4-5 sticks for this project.  When the glue gun is hot start tracing the outline of the mask template.  I started with the eyes, make sure to make these nice and thick because these are the main centre part of the mask so you want it to be strong here.  Then build outwards.  My template had a lot of detail.  I wanted some of the detail and not other bits so I just traced the parts I wanted.  Make sure all your lines are thick lines so the piece holds together.  The template most likely won’t have this but make sure to do two strong loops at each side of the mask with the glue.  These will be used to knot string or ribbon into so you can tie the mask around your head.  My advice from my trial and error is to put the loops half way down the side of the mask.  I have mine fairly high up and this was a bit of a problem as the bottom of my mask wasn’t tight to my face when tied around my head!  So learn from my mistake 🙂


20151027_230612 20151027_231757 20151027_232609 20151027_235606

Step Three:
When you have finished gluing the template of your mask there will be little stringy bits.  This happens with glue guns.  Just take a tweezers and pull the little string bits off.  They will just break off.


Step Four:
Now you will want to pull the organza off the mat.  The cling film will still be attached to your organza because of the glue seeping through.  You need to pull the cling film off though.  This can be tricky because some cling film can stay stuck on and you won’t notice because it’s see through but it will make a difference to the end result.  So take your time with this part and make sure to get it all off.


Step Five:
You will be left with your mask on organza.  You need to cut around the outside of the mask to remove the excess material.  This material is a bit of a bitch to work with because it frays when cut.  So this takes a while to make sure all fibers are removed.  At some points I was using a nail clippers to get in at them.  Next you will cut out the organza in the eye area.  You see your mask taking shape now don’t you? 🙂


Step Six:
Right this is going to sound a little odd but we’re going to mould the mask to your face shape.  You probably have noticed your mask is kinda…..well completely flat.  Unless you have no nose, your face is certainly not flat so we need to fix this.  Take your mask to a sink and run the hot tap.  I did this in the shower because I wasn’t turning the heating on just for a little bit of hot water! 🙂  Make sure now that you don’t use mad hot water, you want it warm but not that it’s going to burn you.  Run the mask under the warm water, this will melt the glue a little bit making it more flexible.  You are going to push the mask against your face where it will sit.  Hold it there for a about 20- 30 seconds focusing mainly on the nose to eye area so you get the shape of your nose on the mask.  Then run it under the water again and we’re going repeat but focus on the sides of the mask where they will bend around your face.  Just for good measure, do the nose part again too.  Hold for about a minute.  Repeat if your not happy with the shape!  Dry your wet face (and most likely arms, hands and hair).  Place your mask standing up, don’t lie it down flat because I found that the first time I made this mask I put it down and it lost it’s shape after a couple of hours because of the weight.  I just let my mask dry for a bit.


Step Seven:
Lay out some cardboard, and get your spray paint ready.  You should do this outside because of the fumes (or something like that!)  I’ll be honest I did mine in the kitchen and just opened the door and windows because it was freaking lashing out.  Irish weather and all that!  I have never used spray paint before so this was a new experience for me and I LOVED it.  The first time I did the mask I used paint and it took me forever and it didn’t even cover properly. I also had to cut the organza out of every single space because I couldn’t paint the organza and I was using blue!  I would have been left with big blobs of paint which caught on the material if I had of painted it.  I gave up trying to cut all the organza off.  So first attempt was abandoned after hours of cutting frayed material!!  I had no problems with the spray paint.  It literally took 20 seconds to spray the mask.  Try do a thin layer, leave to dry and then do another layer.  Be careful it’s like tan –  you won’t even notice until your finished that you have sprayed more on the walls than on the project!  When it’s dry, you have a black masquerade mask.  You can stop here if you want.  BUT if you want to have something a little different keep reading…:)

2015-10-29 00.04.39

Step Eight:
I used red glitter nail polish and traced the glue lines.  I did not touch the organza background with the nail polish!  I used my first unfinished project to try a few different nail polish colours out to see what they would look like and decided on the red glitter.  I didn’t realise until I had finished that the red multi colour glitter nail polish actually glows in UV light too!  Nice bonus!! 🙂

I know it seems like I’d say this anyway but honestly the pictures of the finished mask don’t look half as good as it does in real life.  I tried everything to try catch the shimmery glittery effect the nail polish gives it, but I just could not catch it!  There is a million other things you could do with this mask.  You could spray paint it gold or silver, any colour really!!!  You could use E6000 glue (or your glue gun) and stick rhinestones all over or just around the eyes!  You could use Mod Podge and glitter and actually glitter the whole mask (just be careful not to get any on the organza) and then spray with a sealant to make sure the glitter doesn’t consume your face and eyes during the night 🙂  The possibilities are endless really.  It all depends on you and what you like and also what colour your outfit is 🙂  I’m going to post a few pictures of the finished mask below because it looked different in every light!

2015-10-29 02.28.55



Step Nine:
Now we take out our ribbon.  Always remember to cut too long rather than too short.  Tie a knot around the loop.  Make sure its strong, you don’t want it coming undone during the night!  Cut off the excess around the knot.


Make sure the ribbon fits around your head comfortably and you have enough to tie it.  You could always use elastic but I prefer ribbon because it leaves no marks and can be adjusted.

You are done!!! 🙂  You have made your own mask from scratch and you’re ready to – what’s before Part B? that’s right Partaaaaay!! 🙂

If you make this make sure to post a picture to Carm Crafts Facebook page.  Any questions or suggestions are always welcome! 🙂

You could always take this project one step further and do a full face mask like this!  Just remember you’d need more loops and more tying points so that it would sit flush on your face!

This will be my last post on Halloween stuff.  I will have some household crafts coming up so make sure to keep an eye on the website or Facebook page 🙂

Have a scary Halloween and enjoy whatever you do!!  I’m off to watch Hocus Pocus 🙂

Lots of crafty love




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